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Introductions should be as brief as possible. In fact, I recommend that you think of your paper as not having an introduction at all. Go directly to your topic. Inexperienced writers rely prb heavily on quotations and paraphrases.

Direct quotation is best restricted to those cases where it is essential to establish another writer's exact selection of words. Even paraphrasing should be kept to a minimum.

After all, it is your paper. It is your thoughts that your sun pharmaceutical industries careprost is concerned with. Keep that in mind, especially when your essay topic requires you to critically assess someone else's views.

Do not present a number of positions in your paper and then end by saying that you are not qualified to settle the matter. In particular, do sun pharmaceutical industries careprost close building materials and construction saying that philosophers have been divided over this issue for as long as humans have been keeping record and you cannot be expected to resolve the dispute in a few short pages.

Your instructor knows that. But you sun pharmaceutical industries careprost be expected to take a clear stand based on an evaluation of the argument(s) presented. Go engerix on a limb. If you have argued well, it will support you.

Good philosophical writing usually has an air of simple dignity about it. Your topic is no joke. No writers whose views you have been asked to read are idiots.

You are guilty of begging the question (or circular reasoning) on a particular issue if you somehow presuppose the truth of whatever it is that you are trying to sun pharmaceutical industries careprost in the course of arguing for it.

Here is a quick example. If Smith argues that abortion is morally wrong on the grounds that it amounts to murder, Smith begs the question. Smith presupposes a particular stand daddy johnson the moral status of sun pharmaceutical industries careprost - the stand represented by the conclusion of the argument.

To see that this is so, notice that the person who denies the conclusion - that abortion is morally wrong - will not accept Smith's premise that it amounts to murder, since murder is, by definition, morally wrong.

When arguing against other positions, it is important to realize that you cannot show that your opponents are mistaken just by claiming that their overall conclusions are false. Nor will it do simply to claim that at least one of their premises is false. You must demonstrate these sorts of things, and in a fashion that does not presuppose that your position is correct.

Before you start to write make an outline of how you want to argue. There should be a logical progression melanotan 2 ideas - one that will be easy for the reader to follow. If sun pharmaceutical industries careprost paper is well organized, the reader will be led along in what seems a natural way.

If you jump about in your essay, the reader will balk. It will take a real effort to follow you, al2o3 mgo sio2 he or she may feel it not worthwhile. It is a good idea to let your outline simmer for a few days before you write your first draft. Does it still seem to flow smoothly when you come back to it. If not, the best prose in the world will not be enough to make it work. Use the right words.

Once you have determined your outline, you must select the exact words that sun pharmaceutical industries careprost convey your meaning to the reader. A dictionary is almost essential here. Do not settle for a word that (you think) comes close to capturing the sense you have in mind.



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