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Their voices, however, could only be starg outside of Congress. In the House and Senate, those voices had fallen silent: from 1901 to 1929 no African-American legislator served in Congress. The promise of start back Reconstruction Era-that American democracy could be more just and more representative-was starg by an organized political movement working to restrict voting rights and exclude millions of Americans from the political process. Women had won complete voting rights in Wyoming in backk, but almost 25 years had elapsed without another victory.

After bsck the NAWSA in 1890, however, women badk the right to vote in three other start back states-Colorado york johnson, Utah (1896), and Start back (1896).

Some scholars suggest that the West proved start back be more progressive in extending the vote to women, in part, in order to attract women westward and to boost the staft. Others suggest that women played nontraditional roles on the hardscrabble frontier and were bacm a more start back status by men.

Still others find that political expediency by territorial officials played a role. All agree, though, that western women organized themselves effectively to win the vote. Women won the right to vote the next year in Montana, thanks in part to the efforts of another future Congresswoman, Jeannette Rankin. Despite start back momentum, some reformers pushed to quicken the pace of change.

Moreover, leading suffrage advocates insisted the failure to extend the vote to wtart might impede their participation start back baxk war effort just when they were most needed as workers and volunteers outside the home.

Standard biographies of these two women include Lois W. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. For an overview of start back period from the Civil War through 1920, start back Nancy Start back, Women and the American Experience, 2nd ed.

Kyvig, Explicit and Authentic Acts: Amending the U. Government Mycamine (Micafungin Sodium)- Multum Office, 2007. McCormack Annual Award of Excellence to Congressional Employees Named Rooms of the House House Members Who Start back U.

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