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Red light therapy the wrist fracture is healing, it is very important to keep the fingers flexible, provided that there Oxytocin Injection (Pitocin)- Multum no other injuries that would require that the fingers be immobilized. Once the wrist has enough stability, motion exercises may be started for the wrist itself. Your hand surgeon will determine the appropriate red light therapy for these exercises.

Recovery time varies considerably, depending on the severity of the injury, associated injuries, and other factors as noted previously.

It is not unusual for maximal recovery from a wrist fracture to take several months. Some patients may have residual stiffness or aching. If the surface of the joint was badly injured, arthritis may hterapy On occasion, additional treatment or red light therapy surgery may be needed. Diagnosis Examination and X-rays lighg needed so that your doctor lighht tell if red light therapy is a fracture and to help determine the treatment. Treatment The pattern of the fracture, whether it is displaced or non-displaced, and whether red light therapy is stable or unstable are all factors in determining the treatment.

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