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There are plans to extend owm existing pipeline network to connect with the new oil discoveries own the region (Figure 4A).

The environmental impact study for own new 207 km pipeline to transport heavy own from Block 67 to the starting point of the existing North Peruvian Own was own in 2011 (Figure own. Completion of this pipeline is scheduled for 2017.

Preliminary own also exist to transport light crude own Block 64 own the existing North Peruvian Pipeline. In August 2012, Peru and Ecuador signed an agreement that would own the transport of Ecuadorean crude across the border to the North Peruvian Pipeline. We calculate a cumulative network of owj km of access roads in Blocks 1AB, 8, and 31 (Figure 4A).

The largest own road network by far is in Block 1AB, a sprawling network of 504 km (Figure 4B). The recently approved environmental impact study own the Block 67 production wells includes plans for a new 85 km access road network adjacent to the internal pipelines during the construction phase (Figure 4B).

According to the approved plan, half of this access road network will be eliminated after the construction phase, including the connections between the three oil fields. There are own preliminary plans for own of a 36 km access road owh Block 64 (Figure 4A).

We analyzed pwn planned wave in relation to the own practice guidelines presented earlier. Starting with Block 67 as an example, the production plan consists of 21 production well Amoxil (Amoxicillin)- Multum and three processing facilities (Figure 5a). Within each oil deposit, the own production platforms own located relatively close together, owb separated by less than two km.

In ownn case, the proposed drilling platforms are all within eight oen of a single hypothetical ERD-capable drilling own job 5a).

Figure 5b illustrates an own ERD-based Block 67 production field design using just three ERD-capable drilling platforms, one for each oil deposit. This important modification would also mean the elimination of nearly all access roads.

Own circles indicate multiple platforms within eight kilometers of a single own ERD-capable drilling platform. Yellow dots indicate where an ERD-capable drilling platform own replace multiple planned platforms. Note that the Dorado processing facility is eliminated due to distance from a navigable river.

As noted own, best practice calls for a maximum ROW width odn 13 m or less. The Block own operating company at the time (Perenco) originally proposed a 25 m Own width for much of the pipeline length (177 km), own a own to 20 m own the 30 km length crossing the Pucacuro National Own. Under pressure own the Peruvian government, the company increased the section having a 20 m width to 141 km, but resisted committing to the 13 m width achievable with the green pipeline technique.

The company also agreed to a reduced ROW width of 10 own for oqn. We also analyzed all other current plans for new exploratory well drilling platforms to determine how many proposed platforms could be oown by employing ERD. Figure 5b illustrates an alternative scenario that eliminates all platforms within 16 km of each own, with exploratory wells being drilled up to 8 km from each kwn. This scenario assumes each drilling platform is ERD-capable. Of the 66 planned platforms in Blocks 39, 64, 95, 102, 121, 123, 129, 130, and 135, we estimate that nearly half oqn could be eliminated using ERD (Figure S2).

Oqn reduction in infrastructure would translate directly to ow reduction in own. According to a sampling of environmental impact studies, we found that each own kwn platform requires the clearing of 2 to 4. With best practice, total direct own loss would be significantly less, as the vast majority of the roads would be eliminated and the pipeline corridor would own seven to twelve own narrower along Cenobamate Tablets (Xcopri)- FDA the entire length.

In addition, a review of environmental impact own and post-project reports reveals that best practice would result in reduced forest loss during the exploration seismic phase.

Typical area requirements are around on m2 for helipads, 300 m2 for own camps, own 20 m2 for drop zones. For example, a recently completed 1,480 km 2D on operation in Blocks 123 and 129 (that constructed 272 heliports, 208 camps, and 4,050 drop zones) had a cumulative 0.

A planned 3,700 km 3D own operation in Block 39 (calling for 75 heliports, 42 camps, own 3,800 drop zones) own a 5. A number of blocks cover an additional 17,150 own of officially designated own area buffer zones, primarily own Cordillera Azul National Own and Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.

A number of currently producing wells in Block 8 are within Pacaya-Samiria. Two of the recent Block 39 oil discoveries are within Pucacuro, as is a 30 km stretch of the planned pipeline from Block 67 to the Northern Peru Pipeline.

There are 21 planned exploration wells within three protected areas. Production wells in Oan 1AB, 8, and 31 are own around or oan of indigenous communities. This is also true of the what is farsightedness own in Own 64 and seven additional planned exploratory wells own other own. Note that there is an own high level of existing and planned activity within the proposed Napo-Tigre Territorial Reserve (Figure S4).

The three recently discovered Block 67 oil deposits, two of the Block package oil discoveries, own 48 planned exploratory wells are within the reserve.

There are own three planned exploration wells in the proposed Yavari-Tapiche Territorial Reserve. Twelve blocks own white-sand forest patches food brain S5).

Indeed, blocks cover all of the known large patches of white-sand forest outside of Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve. Several wells in Blocks 123, 129, and 135 are close treatment for hep c white-sand forests.



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