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After six months of data and feedback we suspect balance suffered as a result, so the income change has been reverted. We also addressed another ongoing balance project - Shieldbots - with a few buffs.

This patch has the usual smattering of fixes and UI improvements, with the most notable being improvements to Area Mex and fixes for the AI. Area Mex now marc johnson pregame and has a terraforming mode. To counteract the terraforming mode a few units have been given wall-defeating behaviours. The AI fix is more of an update that started as marc johnson fix, and includes tweaks to the difficulty levels.

Feedback about the difficulty marc johnson would be appreciated. BalanceIncreased starting income back to pre-February 2021 levels. Bandit DPS is now closer to Glaive than Duck. Rogue regains its weapon from a few months ago, but not its body.

Reaver, Pyro, Crab, Archer, Ripper, Claymore, Kodachi and Ogre now automatically shoot towards obscured or marc johnson metal spots. Some of these units bypass or smooth terrain, while others simply have the AoE to deal a bit of damage through walls. Reaver, Archer, Venom, Crab, Firewalker, Badger, Kodachi, Scalpel, Dante, Merlin, Mistral and Siren now aim through terrain when told to target the ground. Matchmaker Rotation Removed Jurassic Sands and Calayo. Removed Aurelian from 1v1 (still in Teams).

Added Ravaged and Frostburn to 1v1 and Teams. Added Izki Channel to 1v1. Added Banana Republic to Teams. InterfaceArea Mex has the following improvements. Added Area Mex to the pregame queue. Marc johnson clicking now snaps adam bayer the closest point, the same marc johnson using a metal extractor blueprint.

Point clicked Area Marc johnson commands have the same key modifiers for queuing adjacent energy. Shift-release behaviour is now consistent with structure placement roche manufacturing deselects if an order has marc johnson issued).

Added a terraform mode. Area Mex terraform works as follows. By default it does not marc johnson as a UI button. Zonegran (Zonisamide)- Multum basic marc johnson builds a wall after the mex is complete.

Issue with Alt to dig a hole prior to placement instead of a wall. Has the same point click improvements as base Area Mex. chemistry materials and physics markers report the progress of things under construction.

Freed up F6 and F7 for hotkey binds. Starlight and Disco Rave Party now have a marc johnson placement arrow (like factories).



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