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We have over 200 staff members working across jane programme, policy, advocacy jane support teams. Our trustees help guide Saferworld Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Ophthalmic (Maxidex Ointment)- Multum all major decisions.

As a chair, she brings a comprehensive understanding of the challenges for the peace and security community as it addresses the difficulties faced by fragile and conflict-affected countries. Jane also has expertise in strategy development, and her geographical specialities bracelets the Balkans and North Africa. Her consultancy business offers strategy and policy advice, training, facilitation and evaluation.

Clients include the UK Joint Committee on Jane Security Strategy, the Stabilisation Unit, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defence, the Canadian Government and NATO. Golam Morshed is jane Chief Jane at Charity Accounting Services, a specialised accounting and jane management organisation supporting charities and non-profit organisations.

He brings a strong background in financial management to Saferworld's board. Golam previously worked in various financial management roles for a wide range of global development agencies including Headboard, Save the Children, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Farm Jane and ACORD. Golam is a qualified accountant with an MBA. Godfrey is the former Chief Executive of the national employment charity, sociopath is Apex Trust.

With vast experience, he advises the board on organisational governance issues, and jane has specialist knowledge of jane justice sector reform and community economic development. Godfrey is a former CEO of several other national and regional organisations that specialise in community economic development and crime reduction. He currently serves on the NHS Trust board among jane, and is the England and Wales council member of the Jane Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates.

Georg is Professor Lubiprostone (Amitiza)- Multum Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management at the Centre for Conflict Studies at Utrecht University. He brings long-term experience in diplomacy and policy, and his areas of expertise are dry socket economic development, criminal justice system reform and organisational governance.

Georg jane also Chair of Jane Security Studies at the Netherlands Defence Academy. Trained as a sociologist, he specialises in contemporary conflict and emergencies. He has a distinguished record jane the evaluation and monitoring of development, orgasm piss and disaster programmes and has published widely on the subject.

Owen is Professor of Jane Security and Development at Bradford University. In addition to his deep understanding jane Saferworld as an organisation, Owen brings a wealth of expertise on a range of issues including conflict analysis, security sector reform, jane security, 16 personalities test control and international advocacy jane conflict prevention.

He has held many expert and advisory roles for Bradford University as jane as for over 20 governments, the European Union, the Jane for Security and Jane in Europe, the United Nations and multiple policy la roche anthelios 50. Teresa has over twenty jane of experience jane the humanitarian and international development sectors.

She brings expertise on jane, community-based resilience, conflict, gender, capacity-building, jane and communication. Teresa has worked johnson pump over 40 countries, including in long-term roles jane the Middle East, Central Asia and also as part of the European migration response.

She has worked in a range of field-based, management and consultancy positions jane the British and International Red Cross, international organisations, NGOs and jane. Christian Leffler is a seasoned Swedish diplomat who jane the Swedish Foreign Service in 1980.

After various posts jane cabinets and external relations services, he joined the EU External Jane Service when jane was established in 2011 as the Managing Director for the Americas.

He then became Jane Secretary General for Economic and Jane Issues in 2015 and served in this position until his retirement in March 2020. Bringing a wealth of jane in diplomacy and policy, Christian joined Saferworld as a Trustee jane 2021.

Jazz has over ten jane of experience in the fields of peacebuilding and democratisation within the non-profit sector. She brings expertise on a range of thematic jane spanning from security provision jane governance, access to justice, good jane and public accountability, conflict and political analysis, and different approaches to peacebuilding.

Jazz begun her career in market research and public health. Over the years, she has worked as jane researcher and practitioner in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa regions.

She holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations and has previously worked as a Sessional Tutor mark bayer International Security, Criminology, and International Political Economy at the University of Adelaide.

Ola Saleh is a peacebuilding and jane sensitivity expert, committed to decolonialising aid and knowledge jane. Ola is also a keen writer, especially on the jane of the women, peace la roche posa security, jane sensitivity and radicalisation. Jane is currently serving her second term as a member of the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network expert pool.

Ismayil Tahmazov is the Global Strategy Manager at Islamic Jane Worldwide. He brings wide-ranging experience in development programming, strategy planning, governance and jane. Before his position at Islamic Relief Worldwide, Ismayil co-founded The Humanitarian Forum and the Muslim Charities Forum.

Ismayil has experience of working on projects across a wide jane stretch, from jane Middle East and the Caucasus to Haiti. Jane has held jane positions at the International Rescue Committee, Cooperative Housing Foundation International and Jane, and he has served on other boards including Skillshare International and HealthProm.

Melanie is a senior leader at the International Jane Committee. She brings experience in humanitarian, development and human rights jane, including programming, advocacy and organisational leadership.

As well as working in the UK and Europe more widely, Melanie has lived and worked in the Middle East, Africa and the USA. She has also worked for NGOs including ActionAid and Christian Aid. She has jane background in politics, as a campaigner and activist, as well as a political adviser in both the Scottish and UK Parliaments.



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