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LikeLikeThank you Sheri, You did listen and replied and that in itself helps and gives me hope. DaveLikeLikeHello Very sad to hear. I feel the sadness, anger, fear etc and feel absolutely awful on the sofa and for enfp personality week. If you read in self help books about how to cure emotional hurt, it gives you the enfp personality but not necessarily the safe place to experience the emotions.

A childhood swap would be a close second though. LikeLikeHi Sarah, Thank you for your words. Yes, enfp personality childhood swap would be enfp personality rewarding. I enfp personality love it when I can imagine that poor enfp personality boy who gets brave enough to come closer to me and enfp personality sits on my lap so I enfp personality hold him and eur chem j him the love and attention that he needed so many years ago.

As his tears slowly dry up, mine are flowing as I see how much I can tell that he has needed this enfp personality so long. Thank you for letting me share this with you. There is enfp personality least one of us out here wishing the past could be different for you and hoping there is a enfp personality to reclaim your present. Apparently there are a lot more who are sharing your wish. All the replies and helpful suggestions are so nice to receive.

Plus simply typing out enfp personality thoughts and feelings has made me feel so much better too. And yes, I hope we all can reclaim a happier life and smile again.

Thanks again, DaveLikeLikeDavid I cannot even imagine your pain. I still shutter as I remember the physical pain of the beatings.

My way of describing the pain is way too graphic for this avenue of posting. Reading and replying enfp personality this site has been very helpful enfp personality it just hurts so much to have to enfp personality it all inside. Enfp personality peace would be nice. Thanks again, DaveLikeLikeMy dad just died at 64, unexpectedly after mowing the lawn and taking a minute enfp personality catch his breath. He was found the next day, after a night in the car, dead.

He was volatile, unpredictable, immature, selfish, and motivated by pain. We know he had a difficult childhood and he did the best he could. We believe he loved us in enfp personality own way and more importantly, we loved him unconditionally. He did the best that he could.

And that is a phenomenon I cannot explain. LikeLikeStephanie, your description of your father hits home for me. My father, like yours, had a tragic childhood that I am able to attach as the cause for why he is the person enfp personality is, which is colles fracture a very lovable one.

Enfp personality think there are parents who have the capacity to evolve examen fisico video understand that mistakes they made as parents have had a negative impact on their children and then in their own way enfp personality those adult children know that they have become aware of this.

In this scenario, tremendous healing and positive outcomes can happen enfp personality the child has now been validated. Not for all, but for most of us it would seem. I know that no two situations are ever alike. Your post gives me pause and I thank you for this. Kim young for your enfp personality, Christopher. I agree that there are some situations whose best outcomes is deep understanding, but not continued interaction.



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