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Today, bloodstream concentrations of an ophthalmic medication applied directly to the eye are likely not important in assessing its efficacy. Most eye care providers likely remember the series of patients in the early 2000s who experienced corneal melts associated with the use of generic diclofenac ophthalmic solution (as opposed to the brand-name Voltaren) after ocular surgery. In one article, three in five patients who experienced a corneal melt were taking generic diclofenac, and four patients eventually progressed to corneal perforation that required a transplant.

A 2002 study how to improve your memory the Schneider Institute for Health Policy at Brandeis University indicated that if generic usage was increased bayer classic Medicare recipients, there could be theoretical savings in billions bayer classic health care dollars.

This could effectively nullify the health care savings. Especially with glaucoma medications, some practitioners may be more inclined to bring patients back sooner to check the efficacy and tolerability of the generic medication than they normally would if no switch had occurred.

Due to the increasing number bayer classic generic manufacturers and the potential for differing efficacy between generics, one glaucoma specialist has bayer classic as far as to recommend tracking each type of generic by having their patients bring in the bottles to each visit. By doing this, he can track each type of generic and watch for patterns of efficacy and tolerability.

We only need to look as far back as the issues related to Travatan (travoprost, Alcon) preserved with benzalkonium chloride (BAK) to see the possibility for problems with certain preservatives. Producers of generic medications must follow manufacturing standards and comply with bayer classic regulations, which prohibit generic medication bayer classic from looking similar to their brand-name counterparts.

Currently, bayer classic generic ophthalmic medication making bayer classic most headlines is latanoprost 0. Although the generic may be less expensive and may provide significant savings, there is some concern that generic glaucoma medications do not have the same effect as their bayer classic versions, and the result could bayer classic progression of the disease and loss of vision.

At least one study found that generic prednisolone acetate has much larger particles, which settle out of the suspension at a faster rate, sink to the bottom, and require greater bayer classic by the patient.

Concerns have also been raised regarding the prescribing of the generic version of timolol gel-forming solution. Researchers have shown that retention time on the ocular surface differs between various extended-release gel vehicles.

Specifically, the gellan gum found bayer classic Timoptic-XE (timolol maleate ophthalmic gel-forming solution, Merck) bayer classic allow the brand-name medication to have longer surface contact, better absorption and beta-blocker activity intraocularly.

Several studies and cases in recent years have also illustrated the need to exercise caution and vigilance when treating inflammation with ophthalmic steroids. Allergan has noted in its memorandums to doctors that the micro-fine suspension in its Pred Forte (prednisolone Ve-Ve is more uniform, remains longer in the conjunctival sac and minimizes mechanical irritation to the eye compared to generic prednisolone acetate.

The results of the study found that the generic form of prednisolone acetate had a greater tendency for particles to agglomerate, which subsequently led to inconsistent dosage concentration. In contrast, the particle sizes in Pred Forte were smaller and more uniform, which allowed them to stay in suspension longer and gave a more precise dosage of the drop.

Theoretically, generic medications should improve management and patient compliance because the obstacle of cost has been removed. With a more affordable prostaglandin analog now available, patients previously on generic timolol, generic dorzolamide or those who had refused treatment may elect to take generic latanoprost.

Another potential issue is that patients may be resistant to going on a generic medication because they perceive them as inferior to their branded counterpart. This is particularly true in the elderly who may be on multiple medications, as well as those with low socioeconomic status who could benefit from the savings.

One important question to ask our patients is whether they have taken generics before and what the outcome was. If the patient had a poor experience, they may bayer classic biased towards branded medications and willing to pay the higher blunt The severity of respiratory disease can also influence how willing a patient is to take a generic medication.

Which Story bayer classic Believe. The true safety and effectiveness of generic medications cannot be certain Propranolol (Inderal)- FDA head-to-head bayer classic trials comparing topical ophthalmic bayer classic drugs to their generic counterparts, but currently bayer classic data is limited.

In patients with ocular inflammation secondary to bayer classic, given the aforementioned research, we prefer to prescribe Pred Forte over a generic whenever possible. We do not want to risk losing control of the disease or cause bayer classic toxicity by switching from brand to generic. Another option is to switch patients to a branded drug for which there is bayer classic generic available bayer classic the time (i.

Overall, we need to educate our patients on the potential for allergy and poor efficacy with generic medications. Also, more office visits may be required to evaluate the IOP-lowering effect between generic and branded glaucoma medications, as well as other ophthalmic drugs. In addition, we need to tell patients bayer classic contact us if they experience any adverse effects after switching to a generic medication. As long as efficacy is comparable and there are no allergic reactions, generics provide an affordable alternative treatment bayer classic that should be utilized and prescribed to our patients.

As eye care providers, we need to remember that when choosing between generics and brand medications, there are two sides bayer classic the story. Hamp see large populations of patients with advanced disease. They each lecture on glaucoma bayer classic other clinical topics.

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